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You know the truth by the way it feels

The feeling of being betrayed by an unfaithful partner is heartbreaking. If you suspect your significant other is cheating or your spouse is committing adultery getting proof can not only help ease your mind, but also possibly positively impact your financial future. We can help you get the answers you need.  

Child Custody


Don't let them pay the price

Being forced to leave your innocent young family members in the hands of an unfit parent, or in the company of an individual you know little about, can be heart wrenching and possibly put them in danger. Grandparents have rights too. Let us help you help your children.

Child Support


Greed has no boundaries

Having your children's family life torn apart is difficult enough; dealing with a dishonest, irresponsible parent is a frustrating battle. If you believe you are a victim of child support payment fraud, whether by over paying or not getting paid what you deserve, we can help you get the proof you need. 

Cohabitation Violation


Verifying can be redeeming

Having a legal Cohabitation Agreement violated by your previous spouse could be costing you money, while their new significant other might be benefiting financially. If you suspect a violation of your agreement we can help get you the proof you need to possibly have your alimony or maintenance payments reduced or eliminated.

Elder Abuse and Neglect


Care for those who cared for you

Having to leave your elderly loved ones in the care of strangers is a difficult choice. To potentially be exposing them to abuse, theft, or neglect is a terrible feeling to have to live with. If you suspect that a loved one is being victimized, or you would just like to be confident about their care we are here to help.

Insurance Fraud


The lazy man's wage

 The cost of insurance fraud is estimated to be more than $40 billion per year. This cost is recouped by higher premiums absorbed by companies like yours. If your company is suspicious of Worker's Compensation insurance fraud put us to work for you and send a bold message to your employees. We can help get you the proof you need.

Locates and Missing Persons


 Don't give up

Locating and helping to reunite lost family members is one of the most rewarding areas of our job. We work tirelessly to reconnect persons separated by adoption, runaways, biological parents or possible siblings. Whether someone has gone missing from your life, you are hoping to connect with someone, or you just need contact information for an individual we will put all of our resources to work to help you locate an individual. Contact us today to start the connection process. 

Background checks


Never assume

In this day and age it is foolish to assume ANY individual is actually who they present themselves to be. We see the secrets people keep everyday. Whether you are about to do business with, hire, lease property to, or just interact socially with someone; a comprehensive background check conducted through our up to date data gathering software is the smartest choice you can make to keep yourself, your business, your family, and your assets protected. Don't learn the hard way when the information you need is just a phone call away. Contact us today for a fast verification. 

Service of Process


 You've been served

We offer legal document service for Attorneys, Collection Agencies, and individuals. By doing our own skip trace homework on the recipient prior to attempting the serve, we have a higher rate of delivery success. Unlike Law Enforcement process services, who are extremely busy and can only make a certain number of attempts as time permits; we strategically plan our attempts to be able to reach the individual in a timely manner.

 Contact us for pricing and details. 

GPS Tracking


 24/7 Monitoring

 Our Real Time GPS Tracking devices allow us to monitor an individual's movements 24/7 from our remote devices. This is one of the most cost effective and accurate, second only to surveillance, tools we use when investigating and gathering evidence for your case. Our tracking device software stores the date and time stamped location history leaving no gaps in the individual's travels and stops.  



Pictures don't lie

Investigative surveillance is the liar's worst enemy. Our state of the art surveillance equipment coupled with our experienced Investigator's instinct and ability to know where and when to move, is the perfect combination for collecting the evidence necessary to complete your case. All of our evidence is date and time stamped, therefore, leaving no room for questionable discovery.

Behind The Scenes


Finding the missing pieces

Private Investigating is a two part process. Field investigations and Investigators working behind the scenes. Our computer investigating involves using data gathering software, specifically designed for Investigators 

to obtain information such as, locating individuals, verifying license plates, phone numbers, addresses, criminal records, and social media research. All necessary pieces to build your case.

About us-Know who you are hiring!



At Port City Private Investigations Our owners ARE the INVESTIGATORS

 What does this mean for you? 

You are not paying a big Corporation that hires sub-contracted inexperienced investigators.

Don't compromise when it comes to getting the answers you need-You might only get one chance! 


We are a locally owned company with 25 years of Investigative experience. 

15 years of investigative Law Enforcement experience and 10 years of Private Investigative experience.

The exact combination you should be looking for when choosing a Private Investigative Company. 

Port City Private Investigations is a full service investigative agency; serving Attorneys, Insurance companies, corporate clients, and the general public.  

You can rest assured that you are hiring an agency that makes customer service priority ONE. 

We are committed to your needs and desire for answers. We not only offer the experience, dedication, integrity, and work ethic necessary to meet your needs; we also offer state of the art tracking and surveillance equipment, as well as up to date computer data searching software.

 We are discreet, professional, and dedicated to serving the needs of our clients effectively and efficiently, all while staying within your budget and protecting  your client confidentiality,   

We proudly and professionally serve Southeastern North Carolina, including Wilmington, Wrightsville Beach, Carolina Beach, Leland, Burgaw, Hampstead, Jacksonville, Southport, Oak Island and Northern Brunswick County.

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Lead Investigator and Co-Owner Michael Fey is grateful to be able to continue serving the public in an investigative capacity. After being shot in the Line of Duty in 2005 and unable to return to his Law Enforcement position as the youngest ever to be promoted to Sergeant in the Wilmington Police Department, where prior to his injury, he and his Officers led the Patrol Division in Felony arrests; Investigator Mike Fey, determined to return to his normal life as a hard working, dedicated, Father of three spent four years rehabilitating himself and was able to enter the field of Private Investigating in 2009.

Investigator Fey conducts as well as oversees all of our investigations. He brings a level of investigative instinct, experience, and knowledge to the Private Investigative Industry that is hard to match. He understands how the deceitful think and has a natural ability to know how to stay ahead of them.

 Investigator Fey knows the area and its people. He has formed and maintained many lasting relationships with local Law Enforcement, Attorneys, and past clients throughout his investigative career and has a steadfast reputation of honesty and integrity. That coupled with his unstoppable work ethic, determination to get to the truth, and dedication to his clients needs is what makes Port City Private Investigations the company to call when you need answers.

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frequently asked questions

Why should I hire a Private Investigator?


With so many opportunities for dishonesty out there today Private Investigating has become a necessary and in demand service. Private Investigating is not some mysterious person in a trench coat, it is a professional service utilized by individuals from all different backgrounds, situations, and industries. Private Investigators are required to be licensed by a State Private Protective Services Board; and have the training and access to tools unavailable to the  public. Private Investigators are the essential link between you and the truth.

How do I start the process?

Deciding to hire a Private Investigator can feel intimidating.

 However, starting the process of a Private Investigation is as easy as a phone call. We actively and compassionately listen to your situation and gather all the necessary information. Together we create a plan that is both comfortable for you and effective in gathering the evidence you need to get the answers you deserve.

Will hiring a Private Investigator help my court case?

Understanding the court system is complicated enough, and sometimes you only get one chance. The better prepared you are the better your odds are of getting favorable results.

Gathering evidence on your own can be your biggest mistake; obtaining proof from a Third Party Licensed Source can help make all the difference in the outcome of your court case and possibly save you money in the long term.

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